Monday, October 19, 2009

Fukuharu @ Jalan Ampang.

Last wednesday, I had a real great night with nice people and nice environment. No doubt, I did enjoyed the entire night with my old schoolmate. Iki recommend this place which located at jalan ampang. When I step into this place, My first reaction is " Oh gosh....such a nice ambiance." Imagine you sat at a transparent room, drinking a cup of cocktail and gossip with your girls. *sound a bit silly, but fun* And your room got at least two mixer are standby for you, You can make an order whenever you like. Plus, This so called private room only have one. see your luck people :)

Camwhore little bit while waiting my friends.

Emily Lee, Hoe Ing, LengLeng.

Bowie and I.

My sister and I.

My old schoolmate.


so called special menu. hahaha!

Overall was great, I thought that our conversations will be getting lesser but it's not. I miss my school life, Miss the classmate.

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