Thursday, October 29, 2009

Haoren's 21st Birthday @ Klang

Planning to go out with my babes on last saturday. I was rushing like mad because of my best best buddies Doreamon lim. But still, thanks for fetching me all the way. hehehe! and so so so sorry I dumped you alone and go with my girls. As usual,winnie picked all the babes up then off to THE GARDEN @ ZANMAI for brunch. To be honest, I rarely go out with the girls but then we got uncountable topic. *not bad not bad* Girls, we must do it often =) After brunch winnie decided have a drinks and chill at SRI PETALING @ SWEET BEAN.

Picture of that day,

Sushi Zanmai with my girlss <3

At Jacklyn's place.

Haoren's Place @ Klang.
Night time, my girls dragged me to klang since my boyfriend text-ed me earlier and told me that he's going to his friend wedding dinner. so why not ;)

Babe jacklyn.


The camwhored queen. lol

my babes and birthday boy.

Group picture.

baby winnie.

babes helenness.
It's about 4.30am, I'm still sms-ed with my awakening boyfriend. He told me that he couldn't sleep well because of me. Oh gosh, how sweet is that? I even feel a little guilty :(

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