Friday, October 30, 2009

Jalan Raja Chulan @ Rakuzen

Firstly, Happy birthday to all october baby. I've realized most of my recent post all is about celebration. HAHA! Moreover, a lot of birthday's coming up. *stay tuned peeps* On wednesday, heading to jalan raja chulan @ rakuzen about 8.30pm for our cutie pie vivi's birthday dinner. Ooops.....babe, you're legally 18th now =) all the best to you kay! Alright, Dinner was awesome. Most important is, I met all my long time no see babes <3


The ladies of that day, maddy,myself,liza,vivi and valerie.
babe chuckei can't make it because spm just around the corner, so her mom not allowed her to join us. And babe nana, she's going back to indonesia visit her mom! omg, i miss you guys damn a lots kayy..
Last but not least, Happy birthday to babe vivi and my dearest mummy<3

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