Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Michaelangelo @ Pavilion KL.

I spend my saturday with few of them. (Botak,Daniel,Edison hong,Nixon,Winnie) As usual, winnie pick me up at 4pm, reached pavilion about 5pm due to the traffic jam. ugh! Supposed to catch movie but ended up was sitting at downstair michaelangelo @ pavilion to kill time. Afterthat, had dinner with hong's family but I felt kinda weird tho because everyone is having their reunion dinner except winnie and I. After dinner, partying with bunch of them at poppy garden.

Picture taken at Michaelangelo @ Pavilion KL.


  1. u r still so fair~~~~~~~&((gorgeous
    really envy u since long time ago==
    hahax...chat wit u b4 in wretch..
    rmb? =)

  2. Yeap I still remember you :)
    thanks you........ <3