Monday, November 09, 2009

My beloved boyfriend & Lai 21st Birthday.

It was my beloved boyfriend and my bro roy tan 21st birthday so both of them decided celebrated together like pass few years. No doutb, I am still here with you :) I know you are so anxiously for this moment and now finally come true. Plus, you can get into casino without undercover charge.LOL! *But no gamble please!!*

As my previous post, went out with my girls at noon then night time rush back home waited for my boyfriend come back changing. Heading to times square hotel afterward. Thanks baby winnie and babe valerie for helping to took my boy's birthday cake and thanks for the ultraman candy,its so chio =P

My Beloved Boyfriend and Lai 21 Birthday Party!

We Love ten ten :)

Birthday cake!!
I've ordered a cake KOD's cake for him.
nice right :P

Reporter interview the birthday boy. hahaha!

I am so glad you were born <3

Make a wish...

He not willing to cut this cake :(
so he chose to cut the front part instead..LOL!

where is my babe liza and babe chuckei! forgot to take picture with both of my sweetie :(

Will catch up with all my babes real soon.
I miss you guys damn a lot :(

Party goes smooth and I did enjoy for sure :) Played game with few of them until 6a.m and everyone gone tipsy at last. Eh, try to not drink too much beer =S no good no good!

Lastly, may your dream come true my dear, ILY <3

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