Monday, November 23, 2009

My Lovely Sunday @ Ikea.

Sunday, waking up quite early so taizi planned to had breakfast together. Heading to kuchai lama jojo's pan mee around 1pm inch. " Hey bro, tiap-tiap hari jojo not sien meh? " LOL! Well, I laughing like mad everytime hanging out with him. The retarded always! After breakfast off to sg wang waited for huan finished his hair cut. Afterthat, I've received valerie called, She told me that she will be going IKEA with panda. She asked me whatever wanna join or not. Plus, I'm looking for new furniture. So I just tagged along :)

I just put some light make up on that day.
My long time no see babes. Ms Law NaNa <3
I wanna grab this home, but what colour better? RED or WHITE?
He said: So cheap, only rm69 :)

Sushi King for dinner <3

Happy 4 years and 4 months Anniversary ♥

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