Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bell's 18th Birthday Party.

Last tuesday, Heading to Gita Bayu Clubhouse for Bell's 18th Birthday Party. We went late due to the traffic jam. Plus, it is raining season. So traffic mam everywhere! From cheras to KL then KL to serdang. pfft! Anyway, Happy 18th Birthday Sweetie =)

The girls decided bought her ANNASUI'S ROCK ME PERFUME!
Hope you like it babes! You know what, It's my fav brand. hahaha!

Had our GG session 5 with my girls, We've been through a lot of thing which makes us grew up. no pain no gain right! Babes, we're BIG FISHES now! we've to protect ourselves and stave off all those fox! *evil grin* Alright, enough of crapping! picture time :)

Darling Bunny,

Birthday Girl,

Helenness, Miao , LengLeng, Bunny, Vincent.

Bunny, Bell , Chuckei, LengLeng.

Louis, Joshua, Daniel, Miao, Vincent with Birthday Girl.

Oh gosh, I look so short in this pic. *sob*

Ladies of the night,
See, they BBM everywhere!
I don't care! I'm getting my BB and of this month. woots woots!

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