Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bittersweet Tears.


So sorry i can't make it for your birthday dinner, But i managed to met you up @ Library for drinks session right. hehe! Didn't take much picture due to some personal problem! Well, forget about it!

A Little bit about myself,

I'm not in good mood in these pass few days, I tried to forgive and forget, I did! Giving you all my support as I always do. But the same time, I'm so sick of your character. How many chance I've given? How many support do you need? I recall that day he hugging me and asked " Baby, do you remember? I am the one who always put a smiles on your face. boo~ I was like " NO! stop telling me all these" When I flash back those old memories, the bittersweet tears rolled down my cheeks :( Hopefully everything will be solve and goes smooth with my plan. Stay tune for my upcoming post! Have a nice day peeps.

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