Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When He Turn Into Eighteen.

I was sitting here blogging after four days of holiday. Hows your christmas peeps? My christmas eve was simple, the gangs don't feel like clubbing so they planned headed up to the hill instead. Before that, I went pavilion with chuckei cause she wanted to get nike wind runner jacket for miao. You know what, SALES EVERYWHERE!! We went to topshop, I've spot some nice dress and tops but too bad those size are too big for me. I want size 6! *sigh* ( Get a tops with 50% + member card 10% ) so so so cheap okayyy!

Just a simple celebration at Valerie's Studio Apartment. Thanks mummy for the curry chicken, tomyam mee hun and fried chicken. All taste good but curry chicken just too spicy for us. hahaha! Nothing much to talking about. Last but not least, Happy 18th Birthday Daniel Lim.

Babe Jacklyn.

Birthday Boy.


Tom, Huan, LengLeng, Nick, Chuckei.

L a d i e s

Birthday boy play low profile, at behind!


Get a fingercroxx tee for him, hope you like it!

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  1. girl...u are look so pretty,wish u stay pretty always,and happy new year^^