Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Was Yearning For God.

This would be my last post in 2009 before I shut down my macbook. It seem like life goes so fast just like blinking your eyes. isn't it? I did always tell myself, time is precious, time won't wait for you! it's depends how you spend your precious time. So, don't waste time for unnecessary stuffs. Do something meaningful with your life. I hope a brand new year would bring more and more laughter to me, and everything goes smooth as well. I'm pretty sure no backward this word in my dictionary cause I'll just look forward. Thanks my friends who always be there for me and support me when I facing tone of problem. A sincere thanks for ya'll. The problem that I having now aren't the worst but I believe time will prove everything. I was yearning for god, Just like I put how many effort on it, god will know. It will never disappointed me. So I'm here wishing all of you happy new year cause I know I can't wish you on time. Lets countdown for 2010 :)


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