Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wedding Dinner.

Got invited to Emily's Brother wedding dinner at saturday night. Therefore, I went pavilion with winnie cause I wanted to get my dinner dress. But ended up I only get a pair of shoe. I wonder why? hahaha! Well, Had my brunch with Jeff, Ernest, Weng and Tau kei, Then continue our shopping session, I wish to shop longer but time not allow to. So I went home around 7pm, rushing like mad cause they're waiting for me. *Soweee*!

I recall that night something happened on me, thats a nightmare okayy! I ignore him the entire night until I back from Neway @ Puchong. I Hate You JCKW!

Red colour flower dress look like a bit chinese new year feel right :)
Emily and Me.


Daniel lim.

Yam sheng~!

Lastly, Happy midwinter to all my friends,
enjoy your reunion dinner with your family tonight :)

Upcoming post,
Bell's 18th birthday party,
Daniel's 18th birthday celebration.

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