Friday, January 29, 2010

A Brief Period Of Sadness

After a brief period of sadness, I feel much more better now. At least I won't crying alone at home anymore. Life still go on, is time to erase all these things that makes me unhappy! Cause I know I have you with me. A million thanks to my friends who really cares for me. Really appreciate much! :)) But what I know is, human changed so fast! Outsider/ third party started to gossip about me or maybe judge me? But who cares? who doesn't like to gossip right? So I would not blame you since you dunno the truth. Yet, If you dunno, please ask! If you're too lazy to ask, please shut your fucking mouth up!
*Respect people and respect yourself*

Okay, lets continue my post.

Another friday night @ zouk/phuture with my babes and dudes!
Heading to KL very last minutes!

Babe Nana :)

Babe Chuckei.



She said: "Ahhhhh, I still haven't ready yet lah" hahaha!
Darling please don't kill me when you saw this :D

Now this is a serious one. hehe!

when you're facing a problem, true friends appeared! :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

I used to...

I used to stick with him although we staying together,
I used to whispering with him although there's only two of us,
I used to showing him my "lansi" face since the day i know him,
I used to hanging out with him on every sunday.
I used to ask him come home earlier before i went slumber,
I used to act like a dumb and makes him laughed.

I used to cooking with him although both of us don't really know how to cook, I used to sms with him everyday when i open my eyes until i fell asleep at night time, I used to take care of him although i don't even know how to take care of myself. I used to teasing him until he complain that i'm such a "guai lan" girlfriend. I used to miss him although he's just right beside me.

Something stuck in my mind now, I've lost my direction.
Well, Is time to prove me, how important am i to you.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fight For Your Dreams.

My life is getting dull, I meant like no outing at night. I've been staying at home the pass few day and I slept at least 8 hour per day you know! Mummy feel weird and kept asking me why not going out lately. Mom, I've learned to be a good daughter la. haha!

Okay stop crapping, lets talk about valerie's open house! Not a big unit actually but I like it, Especially the night view and the bathroom. hehe! As usual, when the girls stuck together, what else? gossip la! gossip all night long with my babes and gambled for kill time :) Well, I Had a great night with great people again :)

my darling helenness,

cutie pie and miao miao :)

Such a poser,

He's Village Idiot, spot his fingers?

Ivan your smelly leg...yuckk!~

It's mastermind, don't play play!

the laughter :)

with vsvm huan, one of my best friend!

with sallylicious :)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Since when my life become so dull?

Hows your new year eve? Everyone asking me!
I don't think I have a great new year eve like what I expected cause I hate last minute planning. Yes I don't like okayy! Everything just can't goes smooth with plan which make me disappointed. FML! They hate the crowds, club is a big no for them. so I just went steamboat with the gangs, we had a very simple dinner! After steamboat went bunny's house I-dunno-for-what? hahaha! But yet, at least we still stick together. I love them as I always do!

It's hard to catch up with my girls seriously, I miss the old moment when we stick together. Babes, Even though we've changed, we've our own life, but when tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we'll come to each other cause I always believe, truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget. Love ya'll <3

Again, you're the one always disappointed me and giving me all these empty promises. What I can say is, you disappointed your friends as well. We're trying to advice you and point you in the right direction but you don't give a fuck? Well, It's for your own good, not for me. think properly what you want!

Thats all for now, i gotta go. byeeee :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My new love, Blackberry!

Say bye to my Nokia E71 and I'm in love with my BB now. If you were Digi user, just pay RM58 for unlimited internet service and BB service. That's cool! I thought that I wouldn't change my phone so fast but seem like everyone have their own BB on hand! Ohhhhh No~~ Waste money again! *Slap me*
So now, I can
twitter,msn,facebook all the time. hehehe :)