Friday, January 29, 2010

A Brief Period Of Sadness

After a brief period of sadness, I feel much more better now. At least I won't crying alone at home anymore. Life still go on, is time to erase all these things that makes me unhappy! Cause I know I have you with me. A million thanks to my friends who really cares for me. Really appreciate much! :)) But what I know is, human changed so fast! Outsider/ third party started to gossip about me or maybe judge me? But who cares? who doesn't like to gossip right? So I would not blame you since you dunno the truth. Yet, If you dunno, please ask! If you're too lazy to ask, please shut your fucking mouth up!
*Respect people and respect yourself*

Okay, lets continue my post.

Another friday night @ zouk/phuture with my babes and dudes!
Heading to KL very last minutes!

Babe Nana :)

Babe Chuckei.



She said: "Ahhhhh, I still haven't ready yet lah" hahaha!
Darling please don't kill me when you saw this :D

Now this is a serious one. hehe!

when you're facing a problem, true friends appeared! :)

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