Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fight For Your Dreams.

My life is getting dull, I meant like no outing at night. I've been staying at home the pass few day and I slept at least 8 hour per day you know! Mummy feel weird and kept asking me why not going out lately. Mom, I've learned to be a good daughter la. haha!

Okay stop crapping, lets talk about valerie's open house! Not a big unit actually but I like it, Especially the night view and the bathroom. hehe! As usual, when the girls stuck together, what else? gossip la! gossip all night long with my babes and gambled for kill time :) Well, I Had a great night with great people again :)

my darling helenness,

cutie pie and miao miao :)

Such a poser,

He's Village Idiot, spot his fingers?

Ivan your smelly leg...yuckk!~

It's mastermind, don't play play!

the laughter :)

with vsvm huan, one of my best friend!

with sallylicious :)

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