Monday, January 25, 2010

I used to...

I used to stick with him although we staying together,
I used to whispering with him although there's only two of us,
I used to showing him my "lansi" face since the day i know him,
I used to hanging out with him on every sunday.
I used to ask him come home earlier before i went slumber,
I used to act like a dumb and makes him laughed.

I used to cooking with him although both of us don't really know how to cook, I used to sms with him everyday when i open my eyes until i fell asleep at night time, I used to take care of him although i don't even know how to take care of myself. I used to teasing him until he complain that i'm such a "guai lan" girlfriend. I used to miss him although he's just right beside me.

Something stuck in my mind now, I've lost my direction.
Well, Is time to prove me, how important am i to you.


  1. Everything will be fine. Cheer girl =)

  2. touching post!!!!
    LOL!! nearly got me in tears!!
    hopes everything will be fine for the both of u!
    take care! n love reading ur posts!!