Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Make A New Beginning.

Time goes by so fast, Holiday is over, now back to prison again! Seems like I'm still in holiday mood! Ughhhhhhh!! Guess what? Cny/Valentine is just around the corner, and and and also my big day :)) That's why I love february so much! hahaha! But I still haven't get any cny clothes yet. I don't wanna be last minute again. who want to shopping with me?

Another random post here,
Rootz always packed like a sardine, gotta line up at least 30 minute to get in. We made a good decision and giving up club on saturday night. Headed over to tapas had some beer with few of them!

more and more bb user =))

Well, I realized blog is a good place to express my feelings. hehe! Hey peeps, stay tune for my upcoming post okayy =/

Have a nice day


  1. that phone so cool la leng..

  2. Hey leng how did u take care pf ur skin actually? n ur hair look silky la. =)

  3. Nicely done! The color looks really good lor!