Saturday, March 27, 2010


Letting go my 4 years relationship ain't easy. yet there's no trust between us, I hate suspecting someone couldn't be honest to me!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Gonna blog about Hennessy Artistry but haven't get all picture yet, ugh!

Nevermind! will try to finish post by today, stay tune :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Skin care is much more important than cosmetic.

How lengleng's take care of her skin? lolol!
okay, let me tell you! i'm those super lazy type but definitely I love beauty as well. I think I've stop using skin care for few month due to my laziness. At the same time, I can see the difference of my skin. It's getting worst. For me, skin care is much more important than cosmetic!

If you've a good skin you doesn't need to apply any cosmetic when you're going out right! how good! Alright, enough of crap! !

Personally using H20 face oasis hydrating treatment, Eye oasis moisture replenishing treatment and Hada labo's toner. I think I started using H20 since two year ago, oh ya! I don't like whitening type, it would makes my skin driest! *just my own opinion la* and I think it's depends on what type of your skin. * go go go! get the right skin care for yourself*

I decided to share here cause I'm too lazy to answer one by one.
thats all ♡ ♡

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Awesome night @ Phuture

I would rather spend my precious time at home although I hate being alone. *LMAO*

Basically I'll just stuck at home after work but last saturday I planned to had my lunch at Jojo's pan mee. *BEST PAN MEE EVER* After that, heading to Garden with jeff, keng sing and beckham for buying benjamin's birthday gift. I get my annasui's foundation and eyebrow as well. I thought it's out of stock but I found it at Garden. thanks god! Got home around 10pm and prepared for second round, don't know that choon meng was at outside waiting for me. Rushing like mad cause I don't get enough time to prepare. lol

Phuture / Barsonic

with leo.




choon meng.


helenness, cindy, evangeline.

with the love,
helenness, sally and nanako.

mirror effect ;)

We making fun over there, you guys rock!
had such an awesome night with big bunch <3

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My 21st Memorable Night ♡

I am officially 21st now! no more underage when going club. tsk tsk! Well, Everything goes smooth as plan, A million thanks to you guys, thanks for coming my birthday dinner. I hope you guys enjoyed the dinner though ;) Celebrated my birthday @ Garden lifestyle cafe store which located at lower ground floor of one utama new wing. Feel A little disappointed cause my gangs member wasn't there, especially my babes and someone very important to me. How ridiculous my 21st birthday without you celebrating with me :/

Garden Lifestyle Cafe Store

Babes Bell ♡

babes valerie ♡

my 21st birthday cake ♡

From left to right, stephy x jennie x valerie x bell x chloe x winny x nana x daphne, cherrie x evangeline x myself x doreen x jacklyn

tom x fai x leong x kim x daniel x keng sing x taizi, choon meng x weng x huan x titus x vincent x eric nicholas x myself.

Danny aka Wan Lik Ming

babes evangeline ♡

twin in the house.

william & chin wei

Eric Lim

Babes chloe ♡

babes jacklyn ♡

keng sing.


choon meng.


tom tom.


jennie x myself x vincent x valerie.

Again, thanks for the gift and angpao

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My Pre 21st Birthday Dinner.

Feel a little guilty while typing this post seriously, Suddenly feel myself so bad! I have been neglected my darlings quite some time, I meant like I don't really hang out with them. But most of them were there celebrating with me and I knew they're trying their best to make it for me although they're busy! Now I believed, friend is always there with me ;)) Gonna love ya'll big big time! So, we planned to celebrated my birthday dinner at Italiannies @ Garden. oh yah, The food prices in italiannies are reasonable and their served big portion food.

Italiannies @ Garden.

it's too cheesy! but tastes good still. hahah!

quite big portion, scare me!

Carbonara is the best

they asked me stand on the chair. swt -.-"

may and carmen.

kah hong and wei wei.

kate and bowie.

iki and yue wen.

cui sin and zuxian.

sista still look great in short hair.

OMG! Since when I become 41 years old already darlings! *laugh*

groupy picture ♥

Second round @ cheras neway.

After dinner heading back cheras for karaoke session.

I got two cakes in a day, thanks darlings! ;)
so i've make second wish as well.

I did enjoyed the entire night, thanks for the cakes and gift darlings. *mwah*


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