Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My 21st Memorable Night ♡

I am officially 21st now! no more underage when going club. tsk tsk! Well, Everything goes smooth as plan, A million thanks to you guys, thanks for coming my birthday dinner. I hope you guys enjoyed the dinner though ;) Celebrated my birthday @ Garden lifestyle cafe store which located at lower ground floor of one utama new wing. Feel A little disappointed cause my gangs member wasn't there, especially my babes and someone very important to me. How ridiculous my 21st birthday without you celebrating with me :/

Garden Lifestyle Cafe Store

Babes Bell ♡

babes valerie ♡

my 21st birthday cake ♡

From left to right, stephy x jennie x valerie x bell x chloe x winny x nana x daphne, cherrie x evangeline x myself x doreen x jacklyn

tom x fai x leong x kim x daniel x keng sing x taizi, choon meng x weng x huan x titus x vincent x eric nicholas x myself.

Danny aka Wan Lik Ming

babes evangeline ♡

twin in the house.

william & chin wei

Eric Lim

Babes chloe ♡

babes jacklyn ♡

keng sing.


choon meng.


tom tom.


jennie x myself x vincent x valerie.

Again, thanks for the gift and angpao

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