Monday, March 22, 2010

Skin care is much more important than cosmetic.

How lengleng's take care of her skin? lolol!
okay, let me tell you! i'm those super lazy type but definitely I love beauty as well. I think I've stop using skin care for few month due to my laziness. At the same time, I can see the difference of my skin. It's getting worst. For me, skin care is much more important than cosmetic!

If you've a good skin you doesn't need to apply any cosmetic when you're going out right! how good! Alright, enough of crap! !

Personally using H20 face oasis hydrating treatment, Eye oasis moisture replenishing treatment and Hada labo's toner. I think I started using H20 since two year ago, oh ya! I don't like whitening type, it would makes my skin driest! *just my own opinion la* and I think it's depends on what type of your skin. * go go go! get the right skin care for yourself*

I decided to share here cause I'm too lazy to answer one by one.
thats all ♡ ♡


  1. =)im using hada labo lotion,not sure izit same as ur hada labo toner or nt =)


    use ur photos as most of her profile pic..

  3. well u shud put a pic of u without make up to prove ur statement.