Friday, April 30, 2010

Why does life seem so unfair.

As usual, very last minutes decision heading to Rui's birthday party which located at changkat! Kinda rush so I didn't managed to get her pressies so I gave her angpow instead. Hope ya don't mind sweetie ;)

@ Rui's Birthday Party.

Spotted her birthday cake, BLACKBERRY!

After that, off to phuture & aristo,
Bumped into Samantha and April.

Ernest Chow.

Chloe, Winny and Me ;)

Baby Winny.

Last post for him,

No doubt, A sweet couple breaking up eventually, So nothing is impossible. For me, starting a new life ain't easy, Everything start from zero! I having hard time too peeps, I am not strong enough. Why those shit must happened to me. I hope all those shit could stay far away from now on, I hate crying in the darkness but you wasn't here with me, I hate accept the ugly truth but I still have to. But still, thanks for taking care of me these past 4 years, appreciate much! I really hope you could be back the same old you with breezy personality, gimme a cheery smiles when i see you, will you? don't live in the darkness anymore, wake up please! I am sorry I can't be your side when you need me. I choose to left out the character of your life. *take care*

事情往往都是在我意想之外,直到我遇見了 “ 你 ”

Saturday, April 24, 2010

On this special day, i'd like to wish you happy birthday!

Choon Meng's Birthday Dinner @ Teluk Gung

Dinner was good, ordered quite a lot food but we couldn't finish it.
Last but not least, Happy Birthday to you, may all your wishes come true ;)

the birthday boy,

Birthday Cake*


Blanco Paintball Member
they're so into paintball. I wonder why. lol

Liza's 21st Birthday,

Another celebration at carlos's, pavilion with my lovelist liza, vivi,chuckei and nana! My babes liza,
finally turn into 21st and legally able to do everything ;) It was my first time celebrated with you right if I am not wrong! Anyway, all the best to you sweetie! Heart you<3

the couple,

Ze Babes ♥

Didn't take much photo, All stole from my babes's FB, tsk tsk*

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


why human always don't get satisfied with what they have? Nah! I'm saying myself. Getting bold 2 for no reason, I'm totally in love with my BB now. lolol
not much difference I guess, just the keypad more comfort, contrast nicer and the price cost me a boom! Nevermind, as long as I am happy ;)


thanks for accompany me the past three month, I'll never forget you =)

okay, stop spending money again.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You can't judge a book by it's cover.

Had another outing with my girls after so long, like finally! word can't be explain how much I miss them. I am happy to see them even though we just sitting at starbuck chill. I treasure every moment of it.

Babes Nana,

babes liza,

I bet most of my friends don't know the main stories about me and joshua, Everyone's asking since my facebook relationship status changed to single, I think I don't need to spread the whole world why am I breaking up with him, It's between me and him, I need privacy and I got my own reason of course. don't ever judge me without knowing the truth. try step in my shoe and think of me, you can't judge a book by it's cover, no one could understand my feeling, try stand on my situation and think.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hennessy Artistry @ Opera

It's a bit late to blog about hennessy I know! but who cares?

How to describe that night?

I didn't really drink much, didn't really enjoy the entire night, didn't take much photo, goddamn! forget about it, just show up some photos before get my ass off to bed.

Jacqueline Chuah

Cindy Kok

with two hotties!

Isabella Lee

My girls ♡

Sam Lee and Bunny,

With cherrie, evangeline, isabella

I wish you could stand strong and not giving up easily. I feel so sorry :(