Saturday, April 24, 2010

On this special day, i'd like to wish you happy birthday!

Choon Meng's Birthday Dinner @ Teluk Gung

Dinner was good, ordered quite a lot food but we couldn't finish it.
Last but not least, Happy Birthday to you, may all your wishes come true ;)

the birthday boy,

Birthday Cake*


Blanco Paintball Member
they're so into paintball. I wonder why. lol

Liza's 21st Birthday,

Another celebration at carlos's, pavilion with my lovelist liza, vivi,chuckei and nana! My babes liza,
finally turn into 21st and legally able to do everything ;) It was my first time celebrated with you right if I am not wrong! Anyway, all the best to you sweetie! Heart you<3

the couple,

Ze Babes ♥

Didn't take much photo, All stole from my babes's FB, tsk tsk*

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