Friday, April 30, 2010

Why does life seem so unfair.

As usual, very last minutes decision heading to Rui's birthday party which located at changkat! Kinda rush so I didn't managed to get her pressies so I gave her angpow instead. Hope ya don't mind sweetie ;)

@ Rui's Birthday Party.

Spotted her birthday cake, BLACKBERRY!

After that, off to phuture & aristo,
Bumped into Samantha and April.

Ernest Chow.

Chloe, Winny and Me ;)

Baby Winny.

Last post for him,

No doubt, A sweet couple breaking up eventually, So nothing is impossible. For me, starting a new life ain't easy, Everything start from zero! I having hard time too peeps, I am not strong enough. Why those shit must happened to me. I hope all those shit could stay far away from now on, I hate crying in the darkness but you wasn't here with me, I hate accept the ugly truth but I still have to. But still, thanks for taking care of me these past 4 years, appreciate much! I really hope you could be back the same old you with breezy personality, gimme a cheery smiles when i see you, will you? don't live in the darkness anymore, wake up please! I am sorry I can't be your side when you need me. I choose to left out the character of your life. *take care*

事情往往都是在我意想之外,直到我遇見了 “ 你 ”


  1. 放下总比得到来的难,但像现实生活的说着 “忘记过去才会珍惜现在”

  2. hi babe! it has been along time ,i didt leave u a comments,hahaha...i didt knew u delete the chatbox...well,i've read ur latest post,stay happily,stay strenght... :D

  3. i love u darling, i know u are there for me.....
    i know u'll understand..... =)

  4. ElsTin @ 我明白了,謝謝 =)
    moca @ yeah i deleted my cbox already. haha! sure, no worries babe! you too wey =)
    bunny @ i love you too darling <3

  5. do April got day 30??
    hey gal,just cry out loud if you feel like wanna cry.. i will lend you my shoulder.. =)