Monday, May 17, 2010

Karaoke Session With Ma Babes ♡

Received bunny's bbm ask for sing k on thursday night, kinda last minutes but since so "nan dak" all babes come out together so why not? it's hard to meet up with them seriously! Still, transport problem I guess? lol I think I should get my car license asap! Even my babes chuck already get her car license, OMG! A shameful fact about myself! DAMN! 21th but still haven't learn driving yet, I can go bang wall already -____-

Enjoyed karaoke session w my babes chuck, bunny, nana, qinen and mel mel! love it! we must do it often =)

Babes QinEn ♡

Ma darling bunny ♡

that's all for today ;)

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