Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hey reader, I've decided to keep my blog private cause I don't wish someone read my blog and I just avoid some people snitch behind me after reading my post. you're fucking pissed me off! you got nothing better to do is it? Be back your own self and keep your mouth shut bitch!

* Sorry for being so harsh *

Friday, June 18, 2010

new environment wasn't that bad afterall


新環境還不賴,雖然比起以前的家遠了一點,可是我還蠻喜歡的!相信應該沒有人原意載我出去玩了吧?不過還是要謝謝媽咪,她每天都在忙東忙西的就是為了這個家,她真的累了 “ 辛苦你了親愛的媽咪 ” 我愛你啦~~

生活上有少許的改變,我幾乎每天都留在家!很奇怪,這是“我”嗎?比起以前的我,根本沒可能會留在家!就算在家,心也不知道跑去那裡了。 有時想想
媽咪一個人在家會很無聊,如果可以我都會留在家陪她!相反的,現在她比我還要hardcore,自己會找節目,真的不是開玩笑! 聽起來有點悶,我倒覺得不會!是我想法改變了嗎 ?還是我已經懂事了? 哈哈!對了,家里暫時還不能上網,有點無聊!當男朋友在忙 我還是會偷偷的溜出去啦!:D

* 打算去綁牙,有點緊張~~~

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daphne's Surprise Party.

Sorry for the late update peeps! I went for driving lesson so sudden and I've pass my driving test! oh my god ~ like finally okay! I'm mad happy right now. hahahahaha!

Yet, many thanks to someone who giving me support as he always did! no matter how tiring is him, Still, he drive me in the early morning and waited for me until the driving test ended! thanks you! I love you! Sorry cause I makes you didn't sleep for the whole night. lolol

Alright back to the topic,

Mel planned to gave
daphne a surprise party since she never celebrate birthday before! so well jane sent message to everyone via facebook and we starting discussing over there.

Shepherdoo @ Centro Klang.

she walk in with slumber face and she don't even notice helen just stand right in front of her. HAHA! and and and tear started rolling down her face.

Elysia , Bell , Daphne, LengLeng, Valerie


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Living a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, I am back dudes! Can see through my blog that I've been stop partying like almost 2 month. tsk tsk~ As I promised someone I'll cut down my night life so well, I proved him by action! And now,
I could just stuck at my little room watching pps instead of going club. oh gosh, couldn't believed it!

et, I miss ya'll so much my darlings! I miss those old time when we spent together, How sad cause I don't really got chance to catch up with them since they're busy on their jobs! besides that, I missing out a lot of friend birthday party and I feel so bad! oh well, bbm is how i keep in touch with all my buddies! A simple bbm will do ;)

@ look out point for titus 24th birthday celebration.

see how happy is him, haha!

Once again, Happy birthday and best wishes :)))

Desmond & Kinky Wedding Dinner.

Happy marriage

That's all for now, have a nice day peeps! :)