Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Daphne's Surprise Party.

Sorry for the late update peeps! I went for driving lesson so sudden and I've pass my driving test! oh my god ~ like finally okay! I'm mad happy right now. hahahahaha!

Yet, many thanks to someone who giving me support as he always did! no matter how tiring is him, Still, he drive me in the early morning and waited for me until the driving test ended! thanks you! I love you! Sorry cause I makes you didn't sleep for the whole night. lolol

Alright back to the topic,

Mel planned to gave
daphne a surprise party since she never celebrate birthday before! so well jane sent message to everyone via facebook and we starting discussing over there.

Shepherdoo @ Centro Klang.

she walk in with slumber face and she don't even notice helen just stand right in front of her. HAHA! and and and tear started rolling down her face.

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  1. Thank you love <3
    Love you.
    Congratz on the passing of driving test. :D