Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Living a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, I am back dudes! Can see through my blog that I've been stop partying like almost 2 month. tsk tsk~ As I promised someone I'll cut down my night life so well, I proved him by action! And now,
I could just stuck at my little room watching pps instead of going club. oh gosh, couldn't believed it!

et, I miss ya'll so much my darlings! I miss those old time when we spent together, How sad cause I don't really got chance to catch up with them since they're busy on their jobs! besides that, I missing out a lot of friend birthday party and I feel so bad! oh well, bbm is how i keep in touch with all my buddies! A simple bbm will do ;)

@ look out point for titus 24th birthday celebration.

see how happy is him, haha!

Once again, Happy birthday and best wishes :)))

Desmond & Kinky Wedding Dinner.

Happy marriage

That's all for now, have a nice day peeps! :)

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