Monday, July 19, 2010

Dinner @ weissbrau, pavilion.

I really have a lazy mind when it comes to blogging. It was such a long time I didn't posting up any new photo here. you know why? I don't even touch my cam although I'm going out, that's the point. feel so lifeless nowadays.

Okay! Enough of crapping, continue my daily post.
Had dinner with mel and sister at
weissbrau, pavilion I think about few week ago. Supposed to grab something over there but ended up we just sat there and chill.

My fav carbonara

you can date me out to anywhere but not dinner, I gain at least 2kg! so sad :(((


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  2. The cooks at Weissbraeu are damned dirty fellows. Just look through the glass window and see how they touch all cooked food like spaetzle or sauerkraut with their dirty hands instead of using spoons.

  3. Weissbrau? Bad place, Erdinger draft beer: you get served what dropped into the jug hours ago mixed with fresh beer, stupid staff!!!