Wednesday, July 07, 2010

TMNET Suck Big Time!

Hey readers, blamed that my new house doesn't have internet connection yet! TM NET service suck big time! I've waited patiently like about two week if i'm not wrong! how long do I have to wait again!? I only have my little berry online when I got home. It's definitely give me a lot of trouble! I can't blog at home! *snatch head*

back to the topic, celebrated my sister 19th birthday few week ago, and also a gathering with secondary school mates! Dinner was simple but we've got uncountable conversation as usual :) I promise, will catch up with you guys often! :)

Group picture ♡


  1. Last time I shift to new house.It takes one month to connect.So,just wait patiently=)

  2. girl, read my blog if u know chinese ^_^