Monday, August 23, 2010


上星期六在Ecoba為寶貝娜娜慶生,一抸眼,又一年啦!還記得上年麼?時間過得真快呀~ 那天的行程還真的有點趕,最令人討嚴的是在趕時間的時候塞車。很無耐~ 害我駕車有點pek cek! 把寶貝們都嚇壞了..哈哈哈 !相信以後她們都不敢坐的我車!

we rushing all the way to pavilion just to get her pressie, and we planned to surprise her and telling her that flats she wanted from zara is out of size! she was really disappointed when we told her through bbm. silly you! you've been deceived law na na!
Hope you like the gift sweetie! :p

@ Ecoba

Birthday girl baby nana


Baby vivi

MJ's birthday cake from ze boyfriend.

Baby Madeline

Dan lim

with evangline and isabella

Mr tan hock lai

baby jane ♥

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