Monday, August 02, 2010

Time flies, It's august now.

Monday blue, awful flu definitely ruin my day. I'm getting weaker and weaker :'( sickness stay far away from me please!

Picture as below were taken on july, elysia big day! But I don't have any picture with the birthday girl. lolol

Never step into club like about 3 months, Actually I went there just for my primary schoolmate gathering since it's her 21st birthday and she's getting married on next month! Congratulations!

And also my first time I drove myself to club, I've to control myself not to drink much and make sure myself get home safe! that's bad! Before that, heading to The Ship @ Bukit Bintang to filled our stomach.

sister and me,

Bowie ♡

with bowie & jason.

May ♡



  1. Liz looks very fat!!!
    dun kill me hahaha

  2. anonymous: may i know wat brand of contact lens u r wearing? thanks :)