Friday, September 24, 2010

Jane 18th birthday blast!

babe jane birthday dinner held at La Risata. dinner supposed started at 7pm but we went there late due to the traffic jam and we don't really know where is the exact location. fortunately, we found someone to lead us, but I forgot who is it! whatever la! we ain't that stupid afterall :) hahaha..

picture of that day,

met all my long time no see babes.

Birthday girl cutting cake!

groupie picture <3

we get to know each other from friendster when I was sixteen and she was fourteen if I am not mistaken. time flies! babe, we knowing each other like about 5 years already! :-)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


前一陣子無論twiiter, facebook, weibo, bbm status都是snowflake, 可是最近我和身邊的一些朋友都愛上了日出茶太,可以說是上癮那種!朋有們,
你們未免變心也變得太快了吧?哈~ 可以大老遠到 pavilion只喝一杯奶茶,有點誇張厚?有那麼好喝嗎?自己去嘗試一下就知道囉!它們的奶茶還不錯喝的說 ♥

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September Baby ♥ ♥ ♥

As my previous post you can see, I've attended few of my friend birthday party in this month. like continually! I'll always try my best to make it all birthday celebration, especially my best best buddy, I'll be there for sure ;) cause I hope when my birthday, all my friends would be there celebrating with me too :)

my loved one,

Sadly, I couldn't be there with you yesterday night. feel so sorry and guilty! I know you're always being understanding right. Unfortunately, his grandma pass away yesterday and It's exactly same day with his birthday. how sad? may his grandma rest in peace.
and now he cancel all his job and going back for his grandma's funeral. baby, don't be upset anymore, your grandma doesn't want you to be sad. remember I'm always here with you.

Anyway, hope you like the gift that I gave you. i. love. you.

kah hong 20th birthday @ palate palette.

Love them a lot!

I'm not gonna post up all picture here, that's all!
Going home prepare for jane's birthday dinner. stay tune peeps!

Monday, September 13, 2010

girl with red hair.

I know I'm kinda waste money on my hair cause every time I dyed my hair, not more than one month I feel like changing my hair colour again. I think every girl does? mum started nagging the daughter not dyeing hair oftenly, it's not good for my hair. but then I'll just answer her "last time okay, I promised" I went saloon very last minute on last wednesday. once I reached saloon, I didn't pick any colour. I just told the hairstylist I need a new hair colour but not too bright. I've been worrying my hair would become lala after dyed but result turn out wasn't disappointed me. hahaha! I love it ♡ ♡ ♡

my messy make up table,

Oh yay! I went dentist for consultation again, I think second time is much more better than first time, I've pulled 4 tooth in this couple week. And I'm putting braces on 16th with babe liza along! can't wait, we gonna be braces girl real soon..

Monday, September 06, 2010

Bowie 20th @ Sassorosso

Last wednesday got an appointment @ ng surgery dentist. I'm putting braces soon, luckily babe liza going with me! I couldn't sleep well the entire night because I'm too nervous yet excited! Sound silly I know! We've to pluck 4 tooth before putting braces! oh-my-god! It's definitely killing me. After dentist we still managed to shop at pavilion, not even feel ache! Just a little bit numb! had porridge after that.

After dropped liza home, went home changing then rushing upside down to KL met my girls. The main point is celebrated bowie 20th birthday! Happy birthday once again my babe bowie, best wishes for you. Love ya always!

before go out camwhore a bit. heheh

New Spec

nice environment