Monday, September 06, 2010

Bowie 20th @ Sassorosso

Last wednesday got an appointment @ ng surgery dentist. I'm putting braces soon, luckily babe liza going with me! I couldn't sleep well the entire night because I'm too nervous yet excited! Sound silly I know! We've to pluck 4 tooth before putting braces! oh-my-god! It's definitely killing me. After dentist we still managed to shop at pavilion, not even feel ache! Just a little bit numb! had porridge after that.

After dropped liza home, went home changing then rushing upside down to KL met my girls. The main point is celebrated bowie 20th birthday! Happy birthday once again my babe bowie, best wishes for you. Love ya always!

before go out camwhore a bit. heheh

New Spec

nice environment

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