Monday, September 13, 2010

girl with red hair.

I know I'm kinda waste money on my hair cause every time I dyed my hair, not more than one month I feel like changing my hair colour again. I think every girl does? mum started nagging the daughter not dyeing hair oftenly, it's not good for my hair. but then I'll just answer her "last time okay, I promised" I went saloon very last minute on last wednesday. once I reached saloon, I didn't pick any colour. I just told the hairstylist I need a new hair colour but not too bright. I've been worrying my hair would become lala after dyed but result turn out wasn't disappointed me. hahaha! I love it ♡ ♡ ♡

my messy make up table,

Oh yay! I went dentist for consultation again, I think second time is much more better than first time, I've pulled 4 tooth in this couple week. And I'm putting braces on 16th with babe liza along! can't wait, we gonna be braces girl real soon..


  1. hi girl...i love ur flawless face.Can u share some of ur beauty prods eg facial,mask,moisturiser toner etc?plus i would like to know what kind of foundation,powder,blusher n etc u r using?mind sharing?

  2. alright, I'll update a post all about my make up stuff! stay tune yeah!