Friday, September 24, 2010

Jane 18th birthday blast!

babe jane birthday dinner held at La Risata. dinner supposed started at 7pm but we went there late due to the traffic jam and we don't really know where is the exact location. fortunately, we found someone to lead us, but I forgot who is it! whatever la! we ain't that stupid afterall :) hahaha..

picture of that day,

met all my long time no see babes.

Birthday girl cutting cake!

groupie picture <3

we get to know each other from friendster when I was sixteen and she was fourteen if I am not mistaken. time flies! babe, we knowing each other like about 5 years already! :-)


  1. i love your hair colour so much! izzit copper red?

  2. You r so pwettie! If u go for ifeel girl search or any competition, I m sure u will be the champion!! Why don't u try any? Hehe

  3. sayyie @ thx thx! yup it's copper red :)

  4. michie @ hahah thanks you :) but i'm working right now, got no time..

  5. hi, may i know the food at this restaurant nice?
    is the food pricey? do u mind to tell me the price range, approximately? thanks!

  6. patricia @ food was so so only. sorry i forgot the food price :)