Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September Baby ♥ ♥ ♥

As my previous post you can see, I've attended few of my friend birthday party in this month. like continually! I'll always try my best to make it all birthday celebration, especially my best best buddy, I'll be there for sure ;) cause I hope when my birthday, all my friends would be there celebrating with me too :)

my loved one,

Sadly, I couldn't be there with you yesterday night. feel so sorry and guilty! I know you're always being understanding right. Unfortunately, his grandma pass away yesterday and It's exactly same day with his birthday. how sad? may his grandma rest in peace.
and now he cancel all his job and going back for his grandma's funeral. baby, don't be upset anymore, your grandma doesn't want you to be sad. remember I'm always here with you.

Anyway, hope you like the gift that I gave you. i. love. you.

kah hong 20th birthday @ palate palette.

Love them a lot!

I'm not gonna post up all picture here, that's all!
Going home prepare for jane's birthday dinner. stay tune peeps!

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