Sunday, December 05, 2010

Malaysia PWH Music Award

Heading up to genting at last saturday for Malaysia PWH Music Award (my very last minute plan) Cuz I was thinking to join blanco's gang for jeff birthday celebration at malacca but too bad I can't make it! Well, Actually the music award started at 8pm but we reached around 9pm if not wrong. It's raining heavy in the late evening and we was in a massive traffic jam. sigh!

don't you think brown colour eyeshadow is the best and most natural colour ever? haha!

no doubt, malaysia born talent artist too!

Okay, I gotta go now!
continue my drama and prepare for cousin gathering later! *teehee*


  1. hihi, ur makeup really nice. may i know where u learn from? do u mind to do a makeup tutorial? :D

  2. what brand of eyeshadow you're using? so nice :D

  3. wendy @ thanks you :)
    yee @ I didn't learn from anywhere! haha! make up tutorial? will try to do once I free..
    belle @ I'm using annasui eyeshadow =)

  4. what brand of eyebrow pencil that you're using?