Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Luk Yu Tea House @ Starhill Gallery

Last sunday jerome suggested find a relaxing place for tea but I got no idea where to go. hence, he recommend this restaurant to me and told me happy hour 3.00pm - 6.00pm everything is just only RM3.60! I was like "got so cheap or not" so....dressed up myself then headed to starhill meet him up with ken ken & liz.

Once we reached there, first thing we check out the menu. no doubt there is more than 20 dishes for only RM3.60 (included main course,dessert,drinks and etc) but we're like not really interested, maybe the menu isn't attracting enough customer. haha! Alright, Below are the dishes that we ordered!

dim sum + fried noodles
thai fried rice and black paper beef!

For me, I would suggest you try the 3.60 one but only available for a limited time lah! taste good and worth too :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011

年初一早上去了婆婆家拜年 然後下午回去休息一下下 準備好就等貓先生來載我 因為龍記擺烏龍買錯戲票的關係 所以換去看半夜1點半場的I LOVE HONG KONG 他安排好一切 還請大家看電影 呵呵  謝謝啦 :-)

感覺上好久沒有和他們相聚在一起 讓我想起以前的農曆新年 幾乎每天都聚在一起 一起玩 一起鬧 也開始想念在國外唸書的BUNNY 和 LIZA :-(

NIC還沒準備好 導致這張照片有點搞笑 哈哈哈

年初三晚上和男朋友的家人吃過晚餐後 還買了戲票看最強喜事 因為電影還有一個小時才開場 所以去了逛夜市 逛完後之而然自的走到Dataran Pahlawan 在那裡逗留大概10分鐘就趕回去看電影了 說真的 平日要在KL街上逛一個小時? 還真的有點難 不怕被人搶劫就好 哈哈哈

隔天去了拜年,晚上他帶我到Jonker Walk走走 
不說也不信 我第一次來
他硬要帶我來吃這個 還吃上癮了 我愛上了SATAY CELUP
半夜一點多還是排長龍的喔, 有點誇張的說!

平凡也可以很幸福 。

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

they're so lovely, As always

Signing in my blogspot today and I'm just realized I didn't update my blog like about 2 week!
Oh No.....I think I'm no longer a blogger anymore! :(

Since I'm so free today, A quick post before I get my ass off to lunch. It was another outing with few of my babes @ ceo neway. Enviroment was good and I feel the sound system was better, maybe it is still new! hahaha! Actually the main point is meeting up babe liza before she leaving to San Francisco. I feel kinda sad though cause she won't be appear in my birthday! *sigh* Anyway, See you after 3 month babes! IMY

kiss kiss :*

four of us,

they're so lovely, As always :*