Wednesday, February 09, 2011

they're so lovely, As always

Signing in my blogspot today and I'm just realized I didn't update my blog like about 2 week!
Oh No.....I think I'm no longer a blogger anymore! :(

Since I'm so free today, A quick post before I get my ass off to lunch. It was another outing with few of my babes @ ceo neway. Enviroment was good and I feel the sound system was better, maybe it is still new! hahaha! Actually the main point is meeting up babe liza before she leaving to San Francisco. I feel kinda sad though cause she won't be appear in my birthday! *sigh* Anyway, See you after 3 month babes! IMY

kiss kiss :*

four of us,

they're so lovely, As always :*


  1. hi. may i noe wat brands of contact lens u were wearing in this photo? it looks nice on u.

    p/s: love reading your blog

    thx for sharing ;)

  2. i'm wearing barbie lens..
    thanks for reading my blog :)