Tuesday, March 29, 2011

why do girl love big eyes

why do girls love big eyes? who does not want a big eyes?

when your eyes are small, no worries! what you need to do is make up or contact lens to make your eyes look bigger. But, not too big la :) I'm gonna share some make up tips and picture with my reader soon! stay tune!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


有時候感覺很奇怪 尤其是謠言這一回事 一個傳一個
很多事情傳到你耳邊可能是你不想聽的 無法否認 人就是愛八卦 
是"真"是"假" 你不會知道 

很多事情你控制不了 也不是你掌控之下 

別懷疑太多 最重要的是你"

Friday, March 11, 2011

My 2nd Celebration @ Alexis, Garden.

不知不覺又老一歲囉 還是那句 年齡不重要 呵呵
還記得上一年的生日 都是他們陪我渡過 這次也不例外 真的感謝不激
可憐的是我的生日一年比一年的慘 寶貝們都在國外或是不適無法到來 就好像娜娜所說的 原本六個行但只剩二人行 可憐 可是她們都會特地給我打電話 *感動-ing* 希望明年她們都在KL

當天因為場地的關係 大家都擠在一起 本來預定了20至25個位子還是不夠 *paiseh*

告訴你們 在我們的GANG裡面 無論誰生日都好 都要先唱生日歌給自己 =.="
然後還被整 還要向朋友一個一個道謝 然後再一個一個握手 (他們說這個是今年的新規矩)

當時我是在說 " 為什麼上年你們都沒有這個規矩 "

願望會實現嗎 哈哈哈



Liz,Cherrie,Evangeline,Keng sing,Jeff,Nic
Kim Chin

with the couple Jeanie & Junoson

Elysia & Jerome

Liang keat & Emily


再次謝謝所有出席我生日會的朋友, 你們的禮物, Photoghaper Cheok
還有, 要謝謝在facebook,sms,whatsapp,twitter的所有祝福 :-D

Monday, March 07, 2011

My First B'day Celebration at Elcerdo, Changkat.

First of all I want to thanks those who make it for the birthday dinner, Appreciate a lot :) Moreover, I would like to apologize for the confusion and change of dinner venue. I am sorry for the inconvenience guys.

Finally, making a quick decision with my darlings so yeah we get our ass off to Elcerdo which located at changkat. The food was good, love it! The most interesting part is cut the piglet with plate and make a wish! besides that, you'll need to make another wish as well, Either MONEY or LOVE, After that throw the plate into a barrel, I've no idea why should we do that but it's a traditional! HAHA!

My birthday cake from darling <3
Had their roasted sluckling pig! hey guys you should try this, its finger licking good! thumbs up!

bad luck throw away..
stupid expression!