Friday, April 29, 2011

Liza's Twenty two @ Luna Bar.

I'm back to work today and finally got time to update my blog. Actually I'm free during working hour but the internet connection was really suck nowadays! damn it! that's what makes me can't even sign in my blog! So here comes another outdated post! :D

Six of us gathering again after so long, Meeting up the babes at Luna Bar for babe liza's big day, I always love spending time with them, we laughed, we gossip, and share personal stuff together.

Babe with her gift ;)

cheki time.

Val,Myself,Liza,Nana,Vivi,Chuckei <3

Before leaving..

our next gathering will be on 2012..*sob*

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


wow, didn't blog like about 2 week!
wonder my readers still there? :p

sickness is killing me, i'm in bad condition right now :'(
But, I still want to blog! finally i got time to copy all these picture from my babes!
gonna update more later :) *promise*


Tuesday, April 05, 2011

baby you're a firework

Went karaoke with my baby girls on last week, even just a simple karaoke session but we planned like a month ago. haha! finally we make it happen!

We make fun, we make noise!
Although we did not meet up everyday, but we whatsapp everyday.
This is what make us getting closer.

End my post with this pic, we have not forgotten you babe vivi.