Thursday, October 04, 2012

Naked Face!!

我個人喜歡Laneige和H20 :) 


Good day ahead =)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Babe Jane 20th Girl Private Dinner

 I'm actually working right now but awhile waiting my work to be done so I decide to make a new post! :) Tell ya my office internet network suck to the max luckily I still manage to connect wifi using my phone! :D

Feel so surprise when I sign in my Nuffnang account to check my views for yesterday! Although not as much as before but still thanks a lot! I don't know there's some readers still reading even though I didn't update anything! I'll update more often I promise! :p

So today I'm gonna blog about babe jane birthday at last last saturday! Really thanks her for being tolerate cause I keep changing and postpone her birthday dinner! HAHA! As usual, We've got our girls private dinner every year! No matter how busy am I, I still have to attend or else they will get mad! Lolllll..

Oh well, Babe jane celebrated her birthday @ La Vie en Rose which located at Jalan raja chulan. It was our first time been there, If you ask me how was the environment I will tell it's definitely good! Love it! 

Alright, there's some pic we took on that day! picture time!
   gorgeous baby jane :)
Babe Nana looks nice with her fringe! 
My twin babe liza! Do we really look alike? haha!

Here is some food that we ordered! 
    mushroom soup
I've forgotten what's the food name, but it's something like chicken breast with bacon and cream. 

 Escargots! I don't even know the food name cause babe jane ordered for us! For me it was so so only, I still prefer escargots with rich cream sauce! :p

That's all for today..
Have a nice day peeps! 

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Hello readers! I'm back! I wonder my readers still there?
Since I'm free today so let me update something before I get my ass off to take shower?

It's been so long I never blog! I think my last blog post was about a year! and guess what? I feel so strange with my blog now OMG~~ I don't know what and where to start now seriously? lollll....

The first thing I'm gonna share is i'm finally take off my braces!
Do you still remember the braces girl?  
This is the first pic that I took without braces! hehe! :D

Alright..So much things happened in these month! This is one of the reason why I stop blogging for so long! I'll keep as a memories! Anyway, I learn and I grow! Sincerly thanks those who always being there for me when I need, Cheers me up when I'm you guys so much! I changed, I change to be stronger :) 

I'm still copying pic to my laptop,I'll continue another post after my shower..stay tune! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

160102 @ HK

It was our first trip, and also a memorable trip for me!
We hardly got chance to dating! Oops, I means vocation! Even though it's only 4 days 3 night trip, But still I appreciate everything you done to me! we decided went Hong Kong one week before chinese new year..

Let picture do the talking!!

went to Starbuck have a cup of hot mocha before boarding! :-)

After 4 hour we finally arrived hong kong!
(ignore my no make up face!)

our first meal in hk.. 無骨海南雞饭 @ 味皇餐廳小廚


we went this shop "貴花甜" Located at Yau Ma Tei almost everyday!
心太軟, my all time fav!

特級酒香火焰雪山, Must Try!


I spotted my name awhile walking in the road! xD

好芝士雞排 @ 旺角

went central 中環 on third day..
so yeah I'm at Juice!

Having thai food @ central after shopping..

翠華餐廳的奶油豬 <3

馬來咖哩羊排王!! 一流啊!!


天氣很冷, 所以我們決定去吃韓國燒烤..
This rice cost us HK$ 20 , So expensive!!!


一張戲票 HK$ 60, 馬來西亞便宜多了!!
而且要找戲院也很難, 都不再商場裡面..

Red Bean pie for supper :)

四天就這樣過了, 最後還是, 謝謝你~
謝謝你給我你能夠給的 <3

I Love You..