Wednesday, February 22, 2012

160102 @ HK

It was our first trip, and also a memorable trip for me!
We hardly got chance to dating! Oops, I means vocation! Even though it's only 4 days 3 night trip, But still I appreciate everything you done to me! we decided went Hong Kong one week before chinese new year..

Let picture do the talking!!

went to Starbuck have a cup of hot mocha before boarding! :-)

After 4 hour we finally arrived hong kong!
(ignore my no make up face!)

our first meal in hk.. 無骨海南雞饭 @ 味皇餐廳小廚


we went this shop "貴花甜" Located at Yau Ma Tei almost everyday!
心太軟, my all time fav!

特級酒香火焰雪山, Must Try!


I spotted my name awhile walking in the road! xD

好芝士雞排 @ 旺角

went central 中環 on third day..
so yeah I'm at Juice!

Having thai food @ central after shopping..

翠華餐廳的奶油豬 <3

馬來咖哩羊排王!! 一流啊!!


天氣很冷, 所以我們決定去吃韓國燒烤..
This rice cost us HK$ 20 , So expensive!!!


一張戲票 HK$ 60, 馬來西亞便宜多了!!
而且要找戲院也很難, 都不再商場裡面..

Red Bean pie for supper :)

四天就這樣過了, 最後還是, 謝謝你~
謝謝你給我你能夠給的 <3

I Love You..