Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Babe Jane 20th Girl Private Dinner

 I'm actually working right now but awhile waiting my work to be done so I decide to make a new post! :) Tell ya my office internet network suck to the max luckily I still manage to connect wifi using my phone! :D

Feel so surprise when I sign in my Nuffnang account to check my views for yesterday! Although not as much as before but still thanks a lot! I don't know there's some readers still reading even though I didn't update anything! I'll update more often I promise! :p

So today I'm gonna blog about babe jane birthday at last last saturday! Really thanks her for being tolerate cause I keep changing and postpone her birthday dinner! HAHA! As usual, We've got our girls private dinner every year! No matter how busy am I, I still have to attend or else they will get mad! Lolllll..

Oh well, Babe jane celebrated her birthday @ La Vie en Rose which located at Jalan raja chulan. It was our first time been there, If you ask me how was the environment I will tell it's definitely good! Love it! 

Alright, there's some pic we took on that day! picture time!
   gorgeous baby jane :)
Babe Nana looks nice with her fringe! 
My twin babe liza! Do we really look alike? haha!

Here is some food that we ordered! 
    mushroom soup
I've forgotten what's the food name, but it's something like chicken breast with bacon and cream. 

 Escargots! I don't even know the food name cause babe jane ordered for us! For me it was so so only, I still prefer escargots with rich cream sauce! :p

That's all for today..
Have a nice day peeps! 


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