Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Hello readers! I'm back! I wonder my readers still there?
Since I'm free today so let me update something before I get my ass off to take shower?

It's been so long I never blog! I think my last blog post was about a year! and guess what? I feel so strange with my blog now OMG~~ I don't know what and where to start now seriously? lollll....

The first thing I'm gonna share is i'm finally take off my braces!
Do you still remember the braces girl?  
This is the first pic that I took without braces! hehe! :D

Alright..So much things happened in these month! This is one of the reason why I stop blogging for so long! I'll keep as a memories! Anyway, I learn and I grow! Sincerly thanks those who always being there for me when I need, Cheers me up when I'm down..love you guys so much! I changed, I change to be stronger :) 

I'm still copying pic to my laptop,I'll continue another post after my shower..stay tune! 


  1. Welcome back! & you look gorgeous after coming from braces<3


  2. at least i'm here ^^
    wait for ur more post =)

  3. Namo Amitabha, hi Leng Leng. Visit my website http://NamoAmitabha.ws for my Dharma Teachings. I wish you have more Wisdom. Yes, you should definitely alter your spiritual life. Otherwise your spiritual life will go down the slope of the hill or the valley! Best wishes Leng Leng.

    Hi, Brogme girls, i delete a paragraph in the Apendix page in my website http://NamoAmitabha.ws Reason is i don't want to scare off many other girls that visit my website. Today or tomorrow i will have a Dharma talk about what kind of conducts that you should have so you will not have bad karmas when knowing me. Don't worry i still praying for you and other girls, etc.

    Have a good and safe day, Brog me girls.

  4. oh...nice!you still look great without braces. me still have more than one year to go.haha.curious what you do in these few months.wait for your next post ;)