Thursday, August 01, 2013

Malacca trip

How are you guys doing? I've been neglecting my blog for few month again! But today i decided to make a blog post about my malacca trip :)
I had a great weekend definitely! So yeah today i'm gonna blog more about food. Sorry that if you're hungry right now :) Our first stop we having nyonya food at Donald & Lily Nyonya Food. For me it just taste like KL Curry Mee but not spicy as Curry Mee! *lolllll* 

After finished our brunch the girls plan to swim but the weather so damn hot outside! End up swimming plan cancel and we just headed to De Reve Saloon for hair coloring, hair treatment and manicure! I'm pretty sure you guys would like this place! Oh ya~ They serve dessert and pizza as well.. *I'm craving for it already, too yummy!!*
I swear this is damn good, u must have a try! chocolate lava 

After done everything it's almost 9pm already! so tiring although you're just sitting in the saloon doing ur hair! HAHA! So is time for food again! My friend brought us to Wazen Japanese Restaurant which he highly recommend! Satisfied dinner! :D :D :D 

Next day, We prepared ourselves and headed to jonker street for chicken rice! And we did a little camwhore in the street~~

Before Leaving we had japanese food again at Senju Tei. I got no idea why we having so much japanese food here. lolll
Alright is time to take a bath now, enjoy reading guys :))